Friday Face-Off: Candy Overdose Edition! Bruce Springsteen Vs. Iggy Pop

Halloween was yesterday – which means you’re probably still picking caramel out of your teeth… and maybe nursing a hangover. But just ’cause it’s Friday, doesn’t mean all that sugary goodness is finished… in fact, I’ve got an inkling you’ve got a healthy (or not so healthy) leftover supply. I know some rockin’ guys who’ve got a taste for the sweet stuff themselves. You might recognize them? It’s Bruce Springsteen who croons “Candy’s Room” and Iggy Pop who serenades us with “Candy“. So vote now (before you crash from that sugar high) and tell us which guy does “candy” better!

Team Bruce

Bruce Springsteen “Candy’s Room” –  If this song were a candy, I’d say it’s rock candy. Or maybe a jawbreaker…. cause man, it’s got a bite. The song hails from Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Springsteen’s fourth album released in 1978. This album release marked the end of a 3-year album dry spell, brought on by a not-so-sweet legal feud with Springsteen’s prior manager. Fortunately, the dispute was settled and this album was birthed. It might not be as happy-go-lucky as the previous Born To Run album – but sour candy can be just as tasty as the sweet kind.

Team Iggy

Iggy Pop “Candy”  – It might be possible to overdose on candy, but it’s definitely impossible to overdose on this song. It’s deliciously catchy, not to mention – it’s a duet with B-52 beauty, Kate Pierson. This song became the biggest mainstream hit of Iggy Pop’s career, and it’s no secret why. According to Pop, this lovesick song refers to his relationship with his former teenage sweetheart. Hmmm, I thought it was about his relationship with Snickers and Skittles. Got me there, Iggy.