The 20 Most Scandalous On-Stage Wardrobe Malfunctions

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A rock star performing on stage is like a bird in flight. They’re in the zone, on another plane, just totally and completely in the moment. And sometimes their clothes, well…they just can’t keep up! The end result? Wardrobe malfunctions.

A huge number of singers have fallen victim over the years, slipping nips and splitting pants all over the place. Sure, it’s because most of them don’t seem to understand this simple formula: Tiny Outfit + Jumping Around = Overshare. But obviously we feel for these blushing entertainers. Being exposed in front of thousands of people is literally our worst nightmare! The fact that they can just brush it off and keep on going on with the show instead of fleeing the scene and locking themselves in the bathroom forever (like we totally would) is just a testament to their guts.

Just look at Usher, whose pants ripped while performing at the Kids’ Presidential Inaugural Ball earlier this year. Try as we might, we can’t possibly conceive of a more ill-timed accident. And yet, he’s still truckin’! So keep on keeping on, celebs who accidentally flashed their audience. You’re an enduring symbol of the uncrushable human spirit and inspirations to us all. Now maybe try getting a new costume designer, huh?

Head on up to the gallery above to catch 20 stars who paid the ultimate fashion price and showed off a little more than they planned while performing onstage.

[Photo: Getty Images/Splash News Online/YouTube]

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