PREMIERE: The Killers’ New Single “Just Another Girl” Streaming Now

Listen up, fans of The Killers. We’ve finally got a reason for you be glad it’s Monday, because Brandon Flowers and the gang are comin’ atcha with a stream of their brand new single, “Just Another Girl,” right here on VH1 Music!

It’s a unique blend for sure, with the bare bones firmly rooted in the band’s trademark uptempo electronica sound, but there are also moments of country-tinged acoustic guitar weaved within the synths. With lyrics that deal with moving on after a love gone wrong, the evocative production has a distant and lonely quality on the verse, as if a night driver on an empty highway.

But it all leads to a sweeping anthemic chorus that wraps around you with wall-to-wall orchestration, capped off by Flowers’ soaring vocal tour-de-force. The twinkling piano figure turns the track into a lost cut from Born To Run-era Bruce Springsteen…but maybe a couple octaves higher, and a lot easier to dance to!

This tune will accompany their recent single “Shot At The Night” as the two new cuts on their upcoming compilation Direct Hits, which is scheduled to drop on November 11th. Hit play on the stream and hear what all of the fuss is about!

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[Photo: Island/Mercury]


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