First Dibs: Did Justin Bieber Get Busy At A Brothel In Rio?

Did *NSYNC reunite again this past weekend? Why is Kanye West wearing a confederate flag? Are the Jonas Brothers releasing more music?

  • Justin Bieber was caught sneaking out of a famous brothel in Rio de Janeiro with a bed sheet covering him Friday. He left the brothel with two women and then was kicked out of his hotel for causing security issues. He was also said to have been partying and doing drugs for days in the hotel. [Page Six]
  • There was another *NSYNC reunion this weekend. All of the band’s members–including Justin Timberlake–attended Chris Kirkpatrick’s wedding where they were outfitted in tuxes rented from Men’s Warehouse. [US Magazine]
  • Kanye West was spotted leaving the gym wearing a jacket that had the Confederate flag on it. The jacket is from a fashion line West created to reclaim the meaning of the flag. [Daily Mail]
  • Maybe the Jonas Brothers have called it quits, but the guys still have more music to share with heartbroken fans. There’s going to be a digital-only album for Team Jonas club members that will include four new studio recordings and 10 live tracks. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]