POLL: Was Eminem Lip Synching “Berzerk” Last Night On Saturday Night Live?

Eminem  took to the stage with Rick Rubin on Saturday Night Live last night (with host Kerry Washington) to perform his new single, “Berzerk.” While the theme of the song might be about going crazy and cutting loose–and while the tune itself might harken back to the classic days of raw hip hop–is it possible that Eminem phoned in his performance? Some viewers thought Marshall Mathers wasn’t spitting rhymes so much as he was lip synching them.

When host Kerry Washington introduced Eminem (and you can check the performances out here), we weren’t immediately treated to a view of the rapper, but of production wizard Rick Rubin dressed in a parka and fiddling with sound boards. When Em finally joined Rubin on stage, he also appeared in a winter coat and the curtain behind him dropped to reveal a backing band. What followed was Eminem giving a performance that was either really calm considering he was rapping, “Berzerk,” or maybe, dare we suggest it??? Partially lip synched? Or maybe Eminem really is that good.

We don’t want to definitively besmirch the rap icon’s name, but what did you think about it?

Do You Think Eminem Was Lip Synching On SNL?

Later in the night, Em returned to the stage to perform another new single, “Survival.” Both Rick Rubin and the big parkas were eschewed this time. Em wore a light camo-patterned jacket and was joined by hook singer Liz Rodrigues.

Saturday Night Live returns in two weeks on November 16. Lady Gaga will host and be the musical guest.

[Photo Credit: NBC]