Take It To The Bridge: A Guide To 10 Eminem “Hook Girls”

  • rihanna

  • skylar grey

  • pink

  • sarah-jaffe

  • liz-rodrigues

  • polina

  • dina rae

  • dido

  • Hailie Jade Scott

  • nicki-minaj

Some of Eminem’s biggest hits haven’t just featured his incredible rhymes, but the smooth vocals of some of the best female singers in the business. His new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, drops today and boasts five collaborations with five very different chanteuses. So who are the women who’ve got Em by the literal hook? We’ve got the inside scoop on 10 women who’ve worked with Eminem.

Of course, Eminem has repeatedly worked with Rihanna (and will again on his new album with the song “The Monster”), but he’s also teamed up with P!nk. Not to mention, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 features vocals from up-and-coming artists like EMD singer Polina and Canadian hip hop artist Liz Rodrigues, who performed with Em on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Time will tell if any of these new singers will walk out of Eminem’s shadow, but for now we can appreciate that Em gets by with a little help from his lady friends.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images & Splash News]