Booty Booty Booty: The 15 Greatest Songs About Butts

Muses come in all shapes and sizes…unless the muse happens to be a butt. In that case, the size is pretty much always “extra large.” Yes, donks of great girth have been moving people to create great works of art since the dawn of time (or maybe just the ’70s). We’ve assembled 15 of the very finest below! We were very exhaustive and discriminating while the making of this list, working hard to make a distinction between describing the shaking of said butt (for the purposes of dancing), and describing it as the subject of a song. The results may surprise you. Just kidding, no they won’t! All your favorites rump shakers are on here! Read on as we proudly present: 15 songs about butts.

15. “Big Bottom” by Spinal Tap (1984)

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