Revisiting America’s Hard 100 (75-51)

One year ago we asked you, the fans, to help us decide the 100 greatest hard rock and heavy metal songs of all time. We compiled our list of classic rock and metal jams and asked people to vote on their favorites to help us determine where they landed on our countdown list which was then broadcast as America’s hard 100. Well you know, it turns out, you guys were wrong.

Well, no not exactly wrong, we were wrong, look, it’s doesn’t matter who was wrong but what we hadn’t counted on was that some bands, whose appeal is bigger than just those of us who are hard rock and heavy metal maniacs, would garner more votes than some of the biggest, most importance bands in rock history and when those aforementioned heavy metal maniacs saw the final ranking, man, were they pissed! Not that those bands are bad but you know, as we say here in New York City, what’s right is right.

So in honor of this year’s National Metal Day we’ve re-calculated votes, taken user comments from online and Facebook into account, and re-ranked America’s Hard 100. We’ll be rolling out 25 songs at a time all weekend leading up to National Metal Day this Monday November 11th and we’ll also be posting an important announcement about everyone’s favorite cable TV show about all things hard rock and heavy metal. We can’t say what the new is just yet nor can we say the show’s name but it rhymes with Fat Kettle Crow so see if you can figure it out and now please enjoy America’s Hard 100 Revisited (75 through 51).

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75. Megadeth “Sweating Bullets”

One of thrash metal’s Big 4 were able to update their sound for the ’90s and scored a big hit with song and it’s memorable video.

74. Iron Maiden “Run To The Hills”

The song that put these New Wave of British Heavy Metal titans on the map commercially speaking.
73. Ozzy Osbourne “Bark At The Moon”

“The Prince Of F****** Darkness” howls away on this early ’80s track

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