10 Musicians Missing Body Parts

  • Tony

  • Def

  • Jerry

  • Sammy

  • djangio

  • korn

  • Paul

  • Leslie

  • Mark

  • Moulty

The philosopher Nietzsche once said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” In the case of the following musicians, that which didn’t kill them made them legends. Each of them survived a traumatic injury that left them missing a body part and despite their handicap they still went on to achieve greatness, in some cases literally changing the course of popular music. In the case of Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, the fact that he lost the ends of two of his fingers led to a change in his playing technique which enabled the birth of the heavily distorted guitar sound at the heart of heavy metal. Others were born with congenital conditions but never let that hold them back from pursuing their musical dreams including Kiss frontman Paul Stanley. So let’s give a hand to those inspiring musicians who lost a piece of themselves, but were willing to give an arm and a leg to make music history. Oh, sorry, poor choice of words.