NATIONAL METAL DAY: Screaming Goats Take On Some Of Your Favorite Metal Classics

Today, fellow headbangers, is National Metal Day! We’ve already thrown our devil horns, revisited America’s Hard 100, and cringed along with the 11 most un-metal metal songs of all-time. Now, however, we ask the eternal question: Who’s got the more metal shriek, Axl Rose or … a screaming goat?!?

One of our favorite memes of 2013 has been Goats Yelling Like Humans. From the very first time we heard the booming voices of these goats, they reminded us of some of our all-time favorite metal screams. So, you make the call … who does the better “Welcome To The Jungle” yell, Axl or that screaming goat?

Or, how about…

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson versus this other goat?


Judas Priest versus this screaming goat?

Or even…

Slayer versus yet another goat yelling like a human?