Whole Lotta Love: The 10 Most Legendarily “Well Endowed” Rock Stars

  • Jay Z

    Jay Z

  • Robert Plant

    Robert Plant

  • Tommy Lee

    Tommy Lee

  • tom_jones

  • Huey Lewis

    Huey Lewis

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Chris Isaak

    Chris Isaak

  • David Cassidy

    David Cassidy

  • KISS

  • Frank Sinatra

You ever wonder why rock stars wear such tight pants? Size always matters, no matter how many number one records records you have! Legends concerning musicians with amazing “greatest hits packages” have become part of the rock ’n ’roll myth. And we’ve assembled 10 of the very biggest…

Some salacious stories have been making the rounds for decades, while newer ones are coming to light thanks to the miracle of technology. Websites like Groupie Dirt have afforded us an invaluable data-base of rock star bedroom habits and (ahem) “anatomy,” courtesy of ladies who’ve (allegedly) shared intimate moments with their favorite artists. Granted, we can’t TOTALLY confirm that 100 percent of these adventures are true, but we have a funny feeling that these dudes won’t mind. There are worst stories to spread, after all! Plus, they’re pretty hilarious.  So head up to the gallery above for some tall tales of rock legends who apparently are packin’ some serious pipe. Get ready to rock out with….well, you know the rest.

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