High Art Album Art: 15 Insanely Famous Fine Artists Who Designed Record Covers

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With the appropriately-titled ARTPOP, Lady Gaga became the latest rock star to tap an acclaimed mega-famous fine artist to design her record cover. The world-renowned Jeff Koons (of  balloon sculpture fame) created the unforgettable image, featuring a statue of Mother Monster apparently giving birth to a large shiny bowling ball. Yeah, we were a little confused too, but this guy is kind of a big deal. Just yesterday, one of his sculptures sold for a record breaking $58.4 million -the highest price ever paid for a work by a living artist!

Always on the cutting edge, the pop queen says that she aimed to do something completely new with her latest musical offering, fusing different forms of art and media. “The intention of the album was to put art culture into pop music, a reverse of Warhol,” she told the Daily Mail. “Instead of putting pop onto the canvas, we wanted to put the art onto the soup can.”

Koons isn’t the only artistic titan Gags’ orbit these days. Recently she’s become extremely close with performance legend Marina Abramovicwho was by her side this Sunday at artRave, the epic ARTPOP record release party held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Will Lady Gaga have her own MOMA show someday? We wouldn’t rule it out…

Although always innovative, Gaga isn’t the first musician to commission a cover from a MEGA famous high artist. From Metallica to the Rolling Stones, Banksy to Norman Rockwell,  head up to the gallery above to see 15 sleeves that could easily hang in a museum!

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