Friday Face-Off: Lady Gaga Edition!

Lady Gaga’s eagerly-awaited and endlessly-discussed album ARTPOP finally dropped this Monday, and it appears as if the extended marketing campaign for the LP is working, as projections have her selling approximately 260,000 copies of her latest collection of songs. It’s no shock this fashion-clad, envelope-pushing music mastermind is making such a splash – she’s always surprising the masses. So let’s give a shout out to some of her past hits, and see which song reigns supreme. Do you think Lady Gaga’s video for “Born This Way” or “Alejandro” makes fans go the Gaga-est? Vote now and decide!

Team Born This Way

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” – Wow, and I thought my health class in middle school was graphic. Gaga gets a little “out there” with her metaphoric (or not so metaphoric) concept of birth in this video, but we can’t help but love the weirdness. The introduction to the video is unusually long, but this simply gets her point across in more, heh, detail. Is she an alien? Is she from the future? It’s hard to say. But there’s no denying this empowering song has strummed the heartstrings of many, and we love her for it. Play on Gaga, play on.

Team Alejandro

Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro”  – Hmmm a bit of a creepy start, no? I’m getting a bit of an S&M vibe, and it’s not so subtle. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that this song was recorded in Amsterdam? Evidence is still in review. Fun fact though – this song was originally called “Dance In The Dark” but when listeners weren’t catching on to the awesomeness, the record label opted for something catchier. When FUSE TV questioned Gaga about the inspiration behind this tune, she replied “Fear of Sex Monster.” Still scratching my head on that one.