Miguel Takes A Break From Drake Tour To “Adorn” Store Launch With Intimate Set

Smoldering soulster Miguel took a break from his massive arena tour with Drake to perform an intimate invite-only concert in New York City on Thursday night, and we were among the few (and the proud) folks allowed inside!

The gig took place in the cool mint blue of high-end audio pro Harman Kardon’s brand new flagship store in midtown Manhattan. It’s the first foray into North American retail shops for the sound giant, who helps provide the crystal clear boom and bite for artists as diverse as Jay-Z, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith and Kanye West.

And also for Miguel, who serves as the musical guest at this opening night gala! But before that, MTV VMA vet DJ Cassidy puts us in the mood and in the groove with some fat and funky floor fillers from ’90s. While we’re busy gawking over the space age state-of-the-art sonic toys, the big M suddenly bounds onto the small stage. And you guys, he was RIGHT THERE.

He was close enough that we could hear the buckles jangle on his leather jacket! Joined only by a bassist and a  beat-mixing DJ, he grabbed the mic and sets sail on the smooth seas of  “Sure Thing.” Legendary balladeer Michael Bolton (yes, that Michael Bolton) happens to be standing by our side, and he happily bobs his head to the music. If it’s good enough for MB, it’s definitely good enough for us!

He followed it up by borrowing the loop-filled intro to Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” and segueing  into “How Many Drinks?” The audience swayed and sang along (it should be noted, there was an open bar) as Miguel crooned “How many drinks would it take you to leave with me?” We wonder how many times that line was used later that night…

The ladies went wild as he capped off his set with the Grammy-winning “Adorn,” his tenor gliding effortlessly into his falsetto. The lights dimmed red, bathing the room in a seductive glow.  It’s like watching a young, reborn Prince work his magic on this slow burning R&B tune, Miguel’s biggest hit to date. The consummate showman, he leaves the stage having conquered our hearts and our ears. A quick pow-wow with fellow crooner Michael Bolton and he’s off, leaving the remaining revelers swooning and ready to dance some more!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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