Lady Gaga And R.Kelly Incorporate Sex Push-ups Into The Stunning “Do What U Want” On SNL

Lady Gaga played both host and musical guest on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live and, suffice to say, she won herself a newfound layer of respect from people who think of her solely as a weirdo. She’s caught a lot of flack during her seemingly endless promotional tour for ARTPOP, but both her sense of humor and outstanding musical talent were on full display last night, reaffirming just what a unique talent that she is. Both of those qualities were showcased during her first musical performance last night, “Do What U Want,” which featured a surprise cameo from none other than the Pied Piper of R&B himself, Mr. R.Kelly!

Twitter nearly melted down just after midnight when Gaga strode on stage to the opening, Outrun-styled notes of “Do What U Want.” Immediately people began speculating whether or not Kells would make an appearance for the second verse of the song, as he does on the record. We didn’t have to wait long to find out! After Gaga made her way through the first verse and chorus while prancing around braless in a rhinestone onesie dropping S-bombs that somehow made it through SNL’s censors, R.Kelly hopped out on stage and immediately threw Miss Stefani Germanotta over his shoulders. The two clearly have some chemistry, artistically speaking (and maybe even romantically?), as these series of GIFs can attest to:

(GIFs via Sylfesta)

Yes, those were some sex pushups* you saw! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to watch this performance again for like the 23rd time in the last 12 hours. But, before we go…

*All of the credit for the term “sex pushups” should be go to @jasonlipshutz.