You Oughta Know In Concert: Ed Sheeran Infuses “Grade 8” With Some Lil Kim

The last 18 months have been very good to Ed Sheeran. Since being named a You Oughta Know artist in May 2012, Ed has gone on to perform at the London Olympic games, receive a Song of the Year nomination at the Grammy Awards (for “The A Team”), and tour the country with Taylor Swift. Not too shabby. Despite his busy schedule, Ed was still able to carve out some time for a You Oughta Know In Concert performance that astonished us all.

Diehard fans are likely familiar with his beat-boxing skills and tendency to incorporate his love of hip-hop into his live show. On “Grade 8,” the lively track from his debut album, +, Ed interrupts his own lyrics with a rousing few bars of Lil Kim’s “Lighters Up,” fitting for the New York event. What can we say? The boy likes to rap. To make the evening fun for everyone, rhythm-less audience members were even given instructions on how and when to clap (helpful!) before Ed cruised through uniquely energetic performances of “The A Team” and “Give Me Love.” Anything for you, Sheerios!

Ed’s performance of “The A Team” will be exclusively premiering on the VH1 App, which you can download for free on the App Store.

[Photo Credit: Lauren Weissler/VH1]