21 Things Miley Should Have Put Off Until Her 21st Birthday

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We’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Miss Miley Cyrus, Queen of Twerking. It’s been a very tumultuous adolescence for the former Hannah Montana, a young woman that grew up in the unforgiving glare of the white hot spotlight. Due to the pressure, she’s made lots of headscratching decisions along the way, including doing a great number of things that we really wish she would’ve waited ’til she turned 21 to do.

While she prepares to drink her first ever alcoholic beverage this evening, we hope that Miley can take a look back at this gallery that details some of her most cringeworthy shenanigans along the way and laugh. Growing up Disney means that you are forced into becoming a full-fledged adult before you’re totally ready to, and although we all make mistakes, most of us are able to do so without the world watching our every move. So congrats, Miley, for making it to your 21st birthday in one piece — here’s hoping that someone gets you the penis cake of your dreams!

[Photo: Getty Images, Vanity Fair]