Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez & More: The Worst-Dressed Celebs At The 2013 AMAs

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The 2013 American Music Awards last night honored all that is good in American music and provided an arena for all that is horrible, garish and terrible about fashion. No, really, it was a rough night for fashion. Lady Gaga arrived dressed as the Khaleesi atop a horse made of people and she looked more pulled together and classy than any of the celebrities on our worst-dressed list.

Maybe our favorite stars are suffering from award show red carpet fatigue, because all of the celebrities on our list sported outfits that looked tired or diseased.

Miley Cyrus tried to shock us on stage by showing off that she has hip bones and in the process has ruined internet memes involving cute kittens forever. Heidi Klum, meanwhile, showed up looking like she decided to change things up and wear a gown designed by a Project Runway loser. And then, Jennifer Lopez, who usually provides a healthy dose of old school Hollywood glamour and sex appeal, came on stage dressed in a gown that looked like it had been vomited up by a clown.

Jennifer Hudson’s orange traffic cone dress looked like it was torn at the hem. Rihanna looked like she forgot to put on a dress over her underwear. Phoebe Price looked like syphilis in human form. All in all, last night was rough.

Then again, at least no one wore anything that could be misconstrued as being racist. Oh, wait. Katy Perry performed dressed like a geisha? And her face was painted like one, too? Oh. Well, I guess that takes the cake then.

The 15 celebrities on our 2013 American Music Awards Worst-Dressed List should probably think about firing their stylists–or at least hiring people who can warn them against dressing like geishas.

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