Friday Face-Off: Workout Edition!

Hello  my food coma compatriots. I know, yesterday was a big day for us. We ate, maybe socialized with some family, then ate some more. It was epic. And now we are oh so very full. But it’s time to take off the Snuggie, pry yourself off of the couch and dust the crumbs off your lap. It’s time to work off all those beautiful calories we gobbled down with one ultimate workout. Cause baby you know those cals ain’t gonna burn themselves. So, let’s take a cue from the svelte n’ sexy Britney Spears and hot poppa Kanye West to figure out how to get through this dreaded gym routine. Vote now and decide whether Britney’s “Work B**ch” or Kanye’s “The New Workout Plan” gets us more amped to break a sweat like it’s nobody’s bidness. Ready, set, GO!

Team Britney

Britney Spears’s “Work B**ch” – Okay guys, Britney’s back. Again. She is looking hotter than ever in this video, and we’re kind of obsessed with her fake British accent. She sounds like she’s sipping tea with the Queen, and that’s pretty fab. Not to mention, this song has a good message! Britney’s encouraging people to work for their goals – whether that’s a hot body or a fancy car. Cause people you know money doesn’t grow on trees… and neither do 6-pack abs. You might notice this video is filmed in two main locations: a mystery desert and a shmancy nightclub. Two PRIME locations for calorie-burning. So guys, take a cue from the queen of pop and burn dem calories like you mean it. Now drop and give me twenty.

Team Kanye

Kanye West’s “The New Workout Plan” – It’s no secret Kanye has 100 opinions on 100 other opinions, but he’s on to something with this song. I imagine that if one were to follow his workout instructions, he could actually achieve a fit physique. I mean, he is hitting the key points. Weight training, cardio, good posture. Kanye… were you a personal trainer in a past life? Sure sounds like it. This upbeat song has ridiculously funny lyrics (and dance numbers), but the rhythm is  just catchy enough to sweep us into distraction. And you know what? Getting distracted by a good song is the ultimate secret ingredient to a successful workout. So go on and stretch your hamstrings. You’ve got a workout plan to finish.