Strange Bedfellows: How Did These Unlikely Musical Pairings Fare?

  • Billie Joe Armstrong + Norah Jones Foreverly

  • LL Cool J + Brad Paisley Accidental Racist

  • Lou Reed + Metallica Lulu

  • Jonas Brothers + Common

  • Jack White + Alicia Keys Another Way To Die

  • Bone Thugs N Harmony Phil Collins

  • Lady Gaga Tony Bennett

  • Kanye West Bon Iver

  • The 48th Annual GRAMMY Awards – Show

  • David Bowie Bing Crosby

One of the most difficult things about being a successful musician is finding the inspiration to be creative. Some people accomplish this by relentlessly poking the still burning embers of charred relationships (*cough* Taylor Swift *cough*), others turn to illegal drugs to change their worldview, but the following artists were able to find their muses not with their bandmates, but rather by pairing off with other musicians that appear on the surface to be incongrous with their vibe. So, in salute of the deeply strange pairing of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and ivory tickler Norah Jones on the new album of Everly Brothers covers called Foreverly, here’s a rundown of unlikely musical collaborations from over the years and their results.