15 Greatest Hits Albums That Totally Didn’t Need To Happen

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Greatest Hits albums and Best Of collections can be pretty devisive. In one way, they’re a nice and convenient chance to get all of your favorite songs in a single convenient disc. Just look at Eagles Greatest Hits (1971-1975), which sold more copies than any record in the 20th century! But these compilations can also be seen as a cheap last-ditch effort to milk a few more dollars out of an artist who’s long been on the decline. This is goes double if the artist hasn’t actually had enough hits to fill an album to begin with!

Last week we learned that Dido was releasing her very first greatest hits compilation. This surprised us, mostly because the demand was not exactly overwheming. She hasn’t had a Top 40 song since 2003’s “White Flag” (or 2004’s “Sand in my Shoes” in the UK). All totaled, she’s had five Top 20 songs in the UK, two of which were hits in the US. Not to be mean, but…why is this new disc happening? Sure, her first two records were monster multi-platinum sellers. But why not just re-issure those, instead? SMDH, ya’ll.

But then again, we guess there are plenty of artists whose record companies manage to scrape together enough “hits” (read: songs) to fill a new “Best Of ” package. These guys make Dido look like the Beatles in terms of hit-making skills! Even Shaq got a deal! Head up to the gallery above to view some of the most hilarious musicians who somehow got away with putting out a Greatest Hits album.

[Photo: Sony/Collectables Records/Hollywood Records]

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