VIDEO PREMIERE: Justin Bieber, “All That Matters”

Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here? It’s no secret our man Justin Bieber has been sexing up his image lately – he’s sporting buff biceps left and right, rocking the shirtless look like he’s lost in the desert, and is constantly spotted canoodling with gorgeous women (and/or hookers).

Which brings us to the lovely lady at the center of the newest and very sensual #MusicMondays video. She was first spotted kissing Justin’s cheek in an Instagram pic back in November, but it was unclear what sort of relationship the two shared. Now we’ve figured it out! It’s model Cailin Russo, a 19-year-old California gal, who plays the love interest in “All That Matters.” And let us tell you, it seems like hip-gyrating, pelvis-thrusting and ab-flaunting—compliments to the chef, Justin Bieber—is literally all that matters in this video … in a good way! But even though this Poo Bear-produced song is dripping with steamy sex appeal, the body rocking isn’t the only thing working to its benefit. The song has an undeniable catchiness that just makes you want to cuddle up with that special someone on a cold December night. So go on and give it a listen here first!