When Rockers Attack: On Stage Fights + Band Beatdowns Caught On Film!

[Photo: Getty Images]

Despite their prerequisite badass image most musicians use their hands for playing their instruments and not fisticuffs. There are however some genuine tough guys out there in the world of rock n’ roll who are not afraid to put up their dukes and get nice with their mitts. Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has always had a deadly scowl and don’t trespass on his stage lest you feel like catching a guitar in the dome. Punk legend Henry Rollins was known for generating hostility during his tenure with the mighty Black Flag and was not above mixing it up with bellicose audience members. And of course who can forget Axl Rose’s numerous on-stage temper tantrums and riot inciting assault of the crowd in St. Louis? Thanks to the internet you can see the play by play of some of the most infamous on-stage beatdowns in rock history so sit back and see what happens When Rockers Attack!
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