Friday Face-Off: Let It Snow Edition!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Well… almost at least. December is here and we’re looking forward to a whole lot of holiday goodness and snowfall. Within reason of course. What’s better than cuddling up on a wintry night with a good book, a crackling fire and an awesome music video dedicated to snowfall? Nothing, that’s what. And thus, we’ve decided to bring you two great songs sprinkled with so many snowflakes, you’ll want to grab your snow boots – and maybe even your toboggan. Do you think New Found Glory’s video for “I Don’t Wanna Know” or AFI’s “Love Like Winter” does a snow day better? Vote now and decide for yourself!

Team New Found Glory

New Found Glory’s “I Don’t Wanna Know” – This weather-rific song hails from the band’s fourth studio album Catalyst, which was produced by Neal Avron – aka the mixologist of many other successful albums by various bands. This video seems to be quite similar to 500 Days Of Summer because it’s all about love in the changing of the seasons. However, this video is sans Joseph Gordon Levitt – which I find both disappointing and yet, very appropriate. Overall though, it’s a pretty cool premise and a song that pulls on your heartstrings. So go on, grab some fuzzy socks and maybe even a box of tissues.

Team AFI

AFI’s “Love Like Winter” – This song is the second single released off Decemberunderground – their seventh studio album – count it! The video has an undeniable spooky quality. Throughout the song we’re following a mysterious cloaked character charting his or her way through a snowy forest. Could it be the Grim Reaper? Or perhaps Little Red Riding Hood? It’s tough to say guys, tough to say. But we can all agree on the creep-factor and at least that will help us rest easy tonight. Kind of. Lead singer Davey Havok is looking pretty pale in the video – poor guy could really use a hot chocolate. Anyone have some Swiss Miss on hand?