Go With The Evenflow: Metal’s 10 Biggest Grunge Makeovers

  • Warrant – Belly To Belly (Front)

  • rush-counterparts

  • motleycrue-motleycrue

  • kiss-carnivalofsouls

  • metallica-load

  • anthrax-soundofwhitenoise

  • laguns-viciouscircle

  • dokken-shadowlife

  • queensryche-hearinthenowfrontier

  • defleppard-slang

As Charles Darwin so famously pointed out way back when, a big part of survival is adapting to your environment. So when Nirvana’s Nevermind was released in 1991 and threatened to wipe out metal for good, it was time for a few changes. Some bands went on hiatus or even disbanded; others began to experiment with their sound, incorporating grunge and alternative influences. The result was a mixed bag – a few albums were actually pretty successful. Others? Not so much.

The great grunge explosion of the early ’90s and the metal community’s reaction to it made fans, critics, and even the artists themselves recognize that you just can’t change who you are overnight. But from glam metal bands like Warrant to thrash metal like Metallica to progressive metal like Queensrÿche and Rush, they certainly TRIED. Here’s a list of Metal’s 10 Biggest Grunge Makeovers – the artists who just said F— it! If you can’t beat ‘em, throw on the flannel and join ’em.

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