Concert Costume Couture: The Most Scandalously Revealing Stage-Wear Of 2013

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Our biggest personal nightmare is standing naked onstage in front of a crowd of people. But it looks like these celebs don’t share that fear, because they do it night after night! Sure, they might not be “naked,” but they’re definitely lacking the usual amount of clothing. The fact that they can still perform is pretty amazing! These ladies are definitely pros…

Costume sizes get smaller and smaller every year, and some of our favorite stars are on the cutting edge of this style. Lady Gaga tore it up and stripped it off at the VMAs in August, while Christina Aguilera revisited her naughty ’40s pin-up style on The Tonight Show a few weeks back. Good girl gone bad Rihanna took steps to tone down her concert wardrobe, but there were plenty of other headliners to pick up the slack. Miley Cyrus’ butt was so common that it earned itself a spot in the running for 2013’s Rear of the Year, and the nipple suit Beyonce debuted for her Mrs. Carter World Tour raised more than a few eyebrows.

Over the weekend we brought you the complete history of this year’s “Almost Vagina” trend, and now we’re going hone in on just the scandalous stage-wear from the 2013. From glittering award shows to sold out concert tours, it’s all here in the gallery above!

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