Beyonce’s Internet Triple Threat Of The Day: Bikini + No Makeup + Cute Animal Pics

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As if she needed the publicity or something, Beyonce knows how to win the Internet with a single snap of her fingers. Or maybe three. She posted three photos on her Tumblr today that hit all of the things that make us click.

1. She’s not wearing makeup. Sure, this is a thing she’s done before, but we always love proof that her skin is as angelically flawless as we think. (Well, there’s always Photoshop, but let us have our illusions.)

2. She’s in a bikini. And damn, this is just week two of her and Jay Z’s vegan quest. We hope she doesn’t get too skinny on nothing but plants! Bonus: Home state pride on display with that football jersey.

3. Cute animal. Granted, it’s a giraffe hat. But we would probably combust if she were in a bikini, with no makeup, next to a real-life giraffe. In the closeup, she looks about 5 years old, too.

Thank goodness Blue Ivy isn’t in these photos, or all work would stop for the rest of the day. As it is, we hope you’ll enjoy the above gallery of Beyonce’s best bikini photos and then be able to go on with your lives.

[Photos: Tumblr]