Friday Face-Off: Superstition Edition!

Don’t walk under that ladder! Is that a black cat behind you?

Don’t even think about letting that mirror crack…

Sorry, we get a bit superstitious on days like today. Ya know, Friday the 13th kind of days. But we aren’t the only people sporting healthy doses of paranoia, oh no no. Europe and Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble have got the same idea. Today is the day of SUPERSTITION! Step on a crack and you might just break your mother’s back. That is how the saying goes, yes? So avoid the cracks and hit these videos. Watch now and decide whether Europe’sSuperstitious” or Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble’s cover of “Superstition” does the notion of irrational fears better. Now skidaddle!

Team Europe

Europe’s “Superstitious” – Well, if it isn’t the Swedish heavy metal band we love to love. Sure, they may not have a lot of hit singles (heck, “Superstitious” is really all that comes to mind at the moment) – but it’s a great single and that’s what counts. This freaky deaky video was filmed at a terrifying castle in Long Island, New York. Okay maybe not so spooky. But what is scary (awesome) is the lyrics that acknowledge all things paranoia-induced and illogical. “If a mirror should break / it’s easy to take,” proves just how brave good ‘ole Europe is in the face of danger. Overall, this video has all three essential components of a rockin’ good video: Leather jackets, amps and smoke machines with fog-a-plenty. Watch out Friday the 13th – these guys aren’t so Superstitious.

Team Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble’s “Superstition” – My good people of the world, we gotta give credit to a good cover, amirite?! Stevie Wonder first wrote and performed this spectacularly superstitious song, and Stevie Ray Vaughan kept the train going. Are you guys a fan of the cover? I personally dig the mysterious black cat who brings mayhem to the set, causing the electrocution of one man – which is both unnerving and hilarious to witness. And appropriately, we have a delightful cameo of Wonder at the end – which just makes everything feel so very right.