2013’s Best Music Documentaries That You Should Definitely See – If You Haven’t Already

  • 20 Feet From Stardom

    [Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company]

  • A Band Called Death

    [Photo Credit: Drafthouse Films]

  • Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream

    [Photo Credit: HBO]

  • Downloaded

    [Photo Credit: VH1/AOL]

  • Good Ol’ Freda

    [Photo Credit: Tripod Media]

  • made_in_america

    [Photo Credit: Imagine Entertainment/Showtime]

  • Miley: The Movement

    [Photo Credit: MTV]

  • Muscle Shoals

    [Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures]

  • The Punk Singer

    [Photo Credit: Bird In The Hand Productions]

  • Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

    [Photo Credit: HBO Documentary Films]

  • The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone

    [Photo Credit: Picturehouse Entertainment]

  • Sound City

    [Photo Credit: Variance Films/Roswell Films/Gravitas Ventures]

  • Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams

    [Photo Credit: Weapons Of Mass Entertainment]

If you took your love of music to the movie theaters during 2013, there’s a strong chance you came across a decent documentary or two. And with more innovative ways to distribute films, there were so many flicks we could watch from the comfort of our couches. With so many choices, which music docs managed to stand out this year?

From stories about legendary music studios to films giving us glimpses into the lives of our favorite stars, 2013 was filled with movies that expanded the scope of how we view artists. Naturally, we managed to throw in some of our groundbreaking VH1 Rock Docs, which held their weight this year as well.

Take a look through our gallery of the year’s most memorable music documentaries, and tell us below in the comments which ones you plan to watch as the year winds down.

[Photo Credit: Drafthouse Films/VH1/Magnolia Pictures]