Sex Push-Ups, Leg-Drops, And Fans: The 10 Most Infamous Musical Performances Of 2013

There’s such a fine line between killin’ it and dying onstage, and sometimes even the pros end up on the bad side. 2013 was a year for some awesome concerts, but it also gave some truly epic performance fails! Head on down to the gallery below and check out 10 shows that had us talking…and not in the good way.

10. Selena Gomez’s Brings A Bindi To The MTV Movie Awards

The squeaky cleanest of the grown-up Disney starlet managed to cour controversy for wearing a bindi, which many devout Hindi’s felt was in poor taste. And to make matters worse, the performance just wasn’t that good…


9. Katy Perry Gone Gheisha At The AMAs
The California Gurl caught similar flack for dressing up in traditional Japanese geisha attire open the American Music Awards with her new song, “Unconditionally.” There were some who felt it was disrespectful to show the style in such an over-sexualized light.

8. Rihanna Shows Up Late And Drunk Down Under

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