13 Spooky Numbers To Listen To This Friday The 13th!

Few days fill people with more dread than Friday The 13th. The date connotates bad luck, bad vibes, bad omens and people tread lightly until the strike of midnight signals the shift to the completely benign and innocuous Saturday The 14th. Its bad reputation comes from its association with the unlucky number 13 and, it’s said, being the day when in 1307 the King of France had the mystical, medieval order of The Knights Templar arrested. Musicians, of course, are scared of little besides a day job and they’ve been using the date and that most cryptic of numbers in song titles and lyrics since before Stevie Wonder sang “Superstitious.“ In fact, the mighty Black Sabbath even named their latest album 13 and it went straight to number 1 so maybe it’s not so unlucky after all. Regardless, in honor of today actually being Friday the 13th we’ve pulled together 13 spooky anthems that use the number in their names to help you get through the day which hopefully finds you happy, healthy and smart enough to know there’s no such thing as unlucky numbers and days. Or is there……

1. Glenn Danzig “Thirteen”

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