EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes Of A Great Big World’s “Say Something” Video With Christina Aguilera

Move over,  “Someone Like You” because there’s a new heart-wrenchingly gorgeous breakup song to make us sob into our morning Cinnamon Toast Crunch (don’t judge). The delicate beauty of indie duo A Great Big World’s “Say Something” is enough to make us cry, but the incredible success story behind this little-song-that-could is enough to cheer us right back up again.

The upcoming You Oughta Know band first grabbed our ears when the humble tune was used on So You Think You Can Dance in September. Apparently we weren’t the only ones listening, because the pair soon received a call out of the blue from Christina Aguilerawho loved the song so much that she wanted to record new version together! Under a week later, Chad Vaccarino and Ian Axel were in the studio, backing and harmonizing with Xtina’s trademark pipes. A performance on the diva’s reality show The Voice soon followed, and the rest is pop chart history!

Of course, a song of this caliber has to have a killer music video to go with it, and VH1 News was lucky enough to catch up with Chad and Ian while on set. What’s it like to be suddenly thrust into the big-time and working along side a diva? Watch the exclusive clip up above to find out! Have some tissues ready…

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