What Was The Best Thing About Lady Gaga + Christina Aguilera’s “Do What U Want” Duet?

Say what u want about ARTPOP, people, Lady Gaga has been reminding us that she is still the queen of live spectacle — and that’s no small thing these days. Last night, she brought the house down on The Voice, singing for the first time with sometime rumored rival Christina Aguilera. Though we knew in advance that it would happen, and though we’ve watched it a number of times since, we still think it was one of those moments that made people happy they were watching live TV. Lame, groping, girl power … here’s our own countdown of everything that was amazing about it:

10. Gaga’s shoulder pads and Loni Anderson-style wig. No way to make us love an old-school variety show like dressing up in an homage to the early ’80s.

9. Christina’s Venus De Milo entrance. This would have been much more dramatic had the cameras zoomed in more, but we still get the point. This is celebrating women!

8. Speaking of women, where’s R.Kelly? This was a great opportunity for a duet with Xtina, so maybe he got bumped for the diva-on-diva action. But also, his absence suspiciously coincides with renewed interest in that pesky sexual assault case.

7. This moment when Gaga sort of did the robot.

6. This hand-holding moment that once-and-for-all quashes those rivalry rumors. We don’t care who stole whose look or sound, and neither do they. We think the fact that Gaga let Xtina wear the bigger wig also means she’s deferring to the elder diva.

Just for fun, you can revisit what a tipsy Gaga had to say about the matter during her Watch What Happens Live appearance.

5. Body talk. Seeing both women on stage singing about bodies reminds us how both women have battled criticism over their occasional weight gain. Suddenly it feels like they’re saying the public can do what we want with their bodies, which is confusing. But they look good?

4. Drinking on live TV is always fun!

3. Aw, it’s like Christina is mothering Gaga. Except…

2. Oh, not mothering. Full-on groping. Where’s your hand going, Christina?

1. But none of that should distract from the fact that both ladies sang, LIVE, and killed it. The show is called The Voice after all.

[Photos: NBC/Youtube]