Naughty Girl: The 10 Raunchiest Lyrics On Beyonce’s New Surprise Album

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It’s been exactly a week since Beyonce’s self-titled surprise album dropped , and it’s already broken some serious sales records. When Queen Bey talks, the world listens, and we’ve already memorized the words (not to mention dance moves) to pretty much the all of the tracks! Many critics have noted that the album is much more personal than some of her past work, with the 32-year-old singer opening up about her inner struggles, adjusting to family life, and also offering (ahem) occasionally graphic details about her sex life with husband Jay Z. The result is some of Mrs. Carter’s naughtiest lyrics ever!

The album contains songs about getting down in the back of a limo on the way to the club, cooking meals naked, and waking up on the kitchen floor…it’s safe to say that Beyonce is definitely not holding back for her fans. And it’s awesome! In addition to the killer hooks and her stunning vocal range, the lyrical candor makes the record one of her strongest in years. But we admit, the rhymes sometimes make us blush. Call us old fashioned. Head up to the gallery above for our top ten picks for the raunchiest lyrics on Beyonce’s Beyonce!

Could they be the reason why Bey might be off the invite list for her old friend (and former Destiny’s Child band-mate) Kelly Rowland’s upcoming wedding? Ehh, probably not. But you never know…

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