Forget Music Videos, Russell Taylor Loves Performing Live

For many, the shower is the one place where we can pretend to be Beyonc√© without the judgment of strangers. It’s a safe space where we can live out our wildest performance fantasies, even if our vocals wouldn’t normally get us past Simon Cowell’s doorstep. Continue to sing in the privacy of your own bathroom if you must, but Russell Taylor prefers a more prominent stage of his own. “Performance isn’t just for the fans, it’s also for me,” our December You Oughta Know artist explains. “There’s no other place I’d rather be than onstage performing.”

No disrespect to the Queen and her 17 flawless videos–the self-proclaimed fundamentalist just enjoys feeding off of the people in the audience. “One of the things about music is that you have to feel, you have to be changed in some way,” he says. “And I think it happens better when you’re in a room.” Check out Taylor performing “War of Hearts” on Big Morning Buzz Live, below.