Wrecking Balls, Motorcycles And Butts: The 15 Sexiest Music Videos Of 2013

Music and sex go together like peanut butter and marshmallow fluff (A.K.A. a “Fluffernutter”). The combo isn’t immediately obvious -and both items definitely stand on their own- but when put together the results are pretty damn sweet. It’s fair to say that music videos keep getting hotter with each passing year. An unforeseen upside of Global Warming? Perhaps. 2013 boasted some of the most seriously sexy vids yet! Head down to the gallery below for 15 of our very favorites. From Miley and her wrecking ball, Nicki Minaj and her “wrecking balls”, and even Beyonce’s last minute additions (take your pick from seventeen!), we’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied. So read onward for the sexiest music videos of 2013! You’ll come for the hot pics, but you’ll stay for the great beats!

15. “Body Party” by Ciara

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