Got It Covered: The Hottest Album Art Of 2013

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A few days ago we gave you our list of the sexiest music videos of 2013. We thought it turned out pretty well, but after thinking on it some more we realized that we couldn’t possibly forget all of the super hot cover art from this past year! From album art to single sleeves, we’ve taken a look at some of the very steamiest that the music biz has to offer, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be pleased with the results…

The best chefs know that we eat with our eyes, and we guess a similar rule goes for our ears, too. Presentation is crucial, which is why a surprising number of artists have dared to go bare on their record sleeves this year. Demi Lovato  spoke out about (sort of) stripping down for her album Demi, and the album art for Kelly Rowlands latest Talk A Good Game shows the former Destiny’s Child in nothing more than a sheer…robe? Shirt? We’re not totally sure what that is, but it looks damn good! And of course there’s also Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s bare-butt off! From Ciara’s aptly-titled Body Party to R. Kelly’s Black Panties, we’ve pulled the very best (and hottest) that the year had to offer. Head up to the gallery above and check it out!


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