The 10 Biggest Badasses In Heavy Metal + Hard Rock!

  • Ozzy

  • Bonzo

  • Lemmy

  • Slash

  • Mustaine

  • Nuge

  • EddieVH

  • WOW

  • Danzig

  • Patton

The classic adage about rock star excess is “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.” Let’s be honest though, that just scratches the surface of the lifestyle. There’s so much more between the lines. And although all rock stars partake in “the life” to some degree, some take it to a whole ‘nother level. These folks are legends and rock icons. The people who are about as famous for their behavior as their music. Rock n’ roll is in their blood (along with all sorts of other chemicals and toxins). It’s not forced; it’s just who they are. They DO take everything to the extreme. They DO get arrested and start fights for completely ridiculous reasons. They DO have residencies at rehab facilities. They DO have wild stories that seem to be myths. And maybe they are, but who cares? From Lemmy to Ozzy to Danzig, here’s a list of heavy metal and hard rock’s 10 biggest badasses of all time. The girls want them and the guys want to be them. Oh, some girls want to be them too (exhibit A: Wendy O. Williams).