15 Unlikely Metal Covers You Wouldn’t Expect To Rock (But Totally Do)!

Many a musician has cut their teeth on cover songs over the years, and heavy metal and hard rock bands are no exception. From the ubiquitous blues covers of first generation hard rockers like Led Zeppelin and Humble Pie to such thrash metallers as Metallica and Slayer picking the perfect punk tune to show off their underground cred. However, occasionally a song from a very unlikely source, outside of the rock spectrum, works its way into a band’s repertoire. Who would think that one of Judas Priest’s greatest heavy metal moments would be a cover of a song by ‘60s folkie Joan Baez or that Marilyn Manson’s breakthrough hit would be a cover of the ‘80s synth-pop classic “Sweet Dreams” originally by Eurythmics? Here are 15 unlikely covers by some of hard rock and metal’s best bands that you wouldn’t expect to rock but totally do.

Judas Priest “Diamonds & Rust”
Only the metal gods themselves could take a song by folkie Joan Baez about her failed relationship with Bob Dylan and turn it into a storming metal monster.

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