All That Glitters Is Gold: Guess Which Music Artists Have Sported Jewelry On Their Teeth

When you’ve reached baller status as a music star, there are any number of ways you can flaunt your wealth while also displaying your signature style. But there’s one particular way that has captivated us for years — showing off gold teeth.

Rappers have been at the forefront of this trend for decades, introducing the masses to the oral adornments we’ve grown to love. Over the years, the works have become more elaborate and, here and there, we’ve seen musicians outside of hip-hop begin to casually wear gold caps, grills, and even diamond works on their teeth. There are dozens of artists who’ve traded pearly whites for jaw-adjacent jewelry, but we’re focusing on a chosen few to see if you can identify which stars have worn dental accessories.

Click though the web pages and use the photos of your favorite stars’ teeth to guess whose beaming smiles are set with bling.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/@badgalriri]

Which St. Louis rapper can heat up any party, especially when he brings that golden smile?

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

It’s Nelly, wearing a special gold piece on his bottom teeth.



This hip-hop star may be from New Orleans, but judging from all those studs, he’s obviously used to ice.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

It’s Lil Wayne!



This singer’s Crazy Beautiful Life includes rocking a gold tooth.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

Of course it had to be Ke$sha.



Wow, this grill looks like it’s fit for a queen…

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/Splash News]

The queen of pop, that is! Yes, that’s Madonna behind that grill.



If you read between his lips, you might be able to find out who’s behind that mouth full of gold.

[Photo Credit: Splash News/Getty Images]

It’s Flavor Flav!



Which twerked out pop star preps for a night of partying by adding a gold and jeweled piece?

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/Sony Music]

Who else could it be but Miley Cyrus?



This R&B songstress is ready to sink her teeth into you with this fanged look.

[Photo Credit: Sony Music/Tumblr]

It’s Beyonce! And it would be kind of cool if she rocked that piece on the regular!



Here’s an ultra supreme close-up of the gold and diamond pieces one rapper rocked in an eerily stylish video.

[Photo Credit: Tumblr/Island Def Jam]

It’s Kanye West in his video for Monster.



This singer may have been Born To Die, but that studded tooth could live forever.

[Photo Credit: Island Def Jam/Getty Images]

It’s Lana Del Rey!



You have to love this sleek gold piece attached to one of the baddest chicks in the R&B game.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/@badgalriri]

You know it had to be Rihanna!

[Photo Credit: @badgalriri]