No Hair, Don’t Care: Badass Bald Dudes Of Rock

  • Kerry King

  • rob_halford

  • Scott Ian

  • Pete Townshend

  • Michael Stipe

  • The Edge

  • Phil Collins

  • Billy Corgan

  • Tom Morello

  • Brian Eno

  • Black Francis


  • Peter Gabriel

  • David Draiman

  • Fred Durst

  • Geoff Tate

  • Isaac Hayes

  • Joe Satriani

  • Peter Frampton

  • Angry Anderson

  • Chris Slade

  • Peter Garrett

  • Isaac Slade

  • Bret Michaels

  • Gene Simmons

There was a time when having crazy long hair was a major prerequisite for being a rock ’n’ roll dude. With the coming of the Beatles, guys started growing their tresses and wearing it like a badge of non-conformist honor. But soon the long locks trend totally took over and went mainstream . What’s a rebellious soul gonna do to stand out? Start rocking the cue-ball look, of course!

By going in the total opposite direction, guys who went bald made a bold statement. Obviously that wasn’t always their intention. Sometimes, they just…lost there hair, you know? But it worked out well for them in the end! From heavy metal heroes like Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, to not-so-hard guys like Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, hair-free folks have made a major impact on the music scene over the past few decades. And they looked like serious badasses while doing it!  Head up to the gallery above to see our picks for the fiercest follicle-y challenged folks in music.

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