First Dibs: Is Oasis Reuniting At Glastonbury?

Why is Whitney Houston’s mom upset about her granddaughter’s recent wedding? Did Taylor Swift save concerts this year? And why is birthday boy Zayn Malik the “cutest” one in One Direction?

  • There’s a rumor that Oasis might be reuniting at Glastonbury. The Gallagher brothers have ended their ongoing feud (for now) and there are still two headliner spots at Glastonbury who haven’t been announced yet. [Entertainment Wise]
  • Whitney Houston’s mother is reportedly furious that the deceased singer’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, just got married. The problem with the groom? He’s Bobbi Kristina’s adopted brother. [TMZ]
  • Concerts are doing big business again and the person the music industry has to thank for it is Taylor Swift. The country-pop crossover star’s RED tour grossed more than $110 million in North America. [Rolling Stone]
  • One Direction’s Zayn Malik is celebrating his 21st birthday to day. To honor the auspicious occasion, MTV News has compiled the 12 reasons why he’s the cutest birthday boy ever (including the time he bought his mom a house!). [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]