Can You Identify These Classic Album Covers Made Out Of Legos?

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  • Led Zeppelin

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  • abbey_road

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  • nirvana-nevermind-album-cover

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  • michael-jackson-thriller-cover

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  • london-calling

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  • 600full-axis-bold-as-love-cover

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  • Hotel-California1

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  • NWA-NWA-Straight-Outta-Compton-t-shirt-fz

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  • letitbleedcover

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  • Sex Pistols

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  • Beastie-Boys-License-to-Ill

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  • Fleetwood Mac

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  • Pearl Jam

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  • Pink Floyd

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  • Queen

When we were kids, we dreamed of getting Lego kits to build submarines, castles and the Millennium Falcon. But all that’s changed now that we’re older. Today we want Lego kits build covers of rock ’n’ roll album art! An awesome new Tumblr called Lego Albums is blowing up the internet by showing off incredibly accurate depictions of famous album covers built from nothing but the beloved toy, and we kind of seriously want one to hang on our wall at home.

In a little over a week, the site has created more than a hundred covers that span genre and decade, from Daft Punk to Pink Floyd, Blink 182 to Jimi Hendrix, Beatles to Frank Ocean. And they take requests! The mosaics are incredibly skillful, and weirdly addictive to look at. To help you enjoy the new site, we’ve created a little game: Guess The Lego Cover! Up in the gallery above we’re taken 15 Lego-ized versions of classic sleeves. Can you name the real thing?

[Photo: Lego Albums]

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