On The Road: Famous Musicians Who Hooked Up On Tour

  • regina spektor julian casablancas

  • courtney love trent reznor

  • jane wiedlin terry hall

  • june carter johnny cash

  • hayley williams chad gilbert

  • gwen stefani gavin rossdale

  • faith hill tim mcgraw

  • britney spears justin timberlake

  • joan baez bob dylan

  • bruce springsteen patti scialfa

They say what happens on the road stays on the road…but does it ever really? What happens when two major pop stars fall in lust backstage? What happens when two explosive rock stars have a disappointing tryst? What happens when two music legends figure out that their soul mates? We get great gossip and even better music.

Most music stars are loathe to confirm or deny rumors of romance on the road. They prefer for the music to do the talking. It took years for The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin and The Specials’s Terry Hall to confirm that their song, “Our Lips Are Sealed,” was indeed about their own affair. However, Courtney Love not only copped to sleeping with Trent Reznor while Hole was on tour with Nine Inch Nails, she’s taken shots at the size of his off-stage equipment.

However, some road romances actually last forever. Alt rock love birds Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale first hooked up with No Doubt opened for Bush in 1995. Rossdale actually threw a party just to hang out with Stefani. When Tim McGraw and Faith Hill joined forces on the aptly named Spontaneous Combustion tour, country music found its modern day king and queen. The two actually had a bit of a torrid affair (since Faith was engaged to someone else) and got engaged when she got pregnant.

Some of these road romances have evolved into the greatest love stories in music history and others are just whispered legend. Nevertheless, it seems that not everything that happens on the road can stay on the road. No one can keep their lips sealed forever.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]