Alicia Keys Is Empowered By The Women Featured In Her Special About HIV And AIDS

Alicia Keys is hosting “We Are Empowered,” an earnest conversation about HIV and AIDS, streaming on at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT). The singer believes that many communities in the U.S. don’t know enough about the disease and are more likely to believe the myths rather than the facts. Keys is stepping up to set the record straight, and who better to help her than five strong women who have faced the disease head on?

We recently sat down with Keys and she described the effects that the women in her discussion group had on her. Each of the women chosen for the dialogue is living with either HIV or AIDS, and they came from different backgrounds, with different ways of becoming infected. “[They were] all incredibly cool, all really loving, all with something to say, all with powerful stories…and all of them thought, ’It would never be me,'” said Keys. “No matter who you are, you can watch this and relate.”

Keys emphasized the significance of showing these women as strong, fulfilled individuals, highlighting that HIV and AIDS isn’t preventing people from enjoying life. The womens’ heartfelt tales of struggle and gaining support also resonate, letting viewers know that it’s time to get real about HIV and AIDS.

Gather the special people in your life to watch “We Are Empowered” and begin a conversation in your community. Find out how to organize a watch party and take a look at the discussion guide.

Make sure to tweet using the hashtag #WeAreEmpowered, and remember, we can all do our part to eliminate HIV and AIDS.

The EMPOWERED campaign marks a partnership between Greater Than AIDS and the Kaiser Family Foundation, with support from VH1.

[Photo Credit: Provided by the EMPOWERED campaign]