What Are The All-Time Funniest SNL Sketches Starring Musicians?

Drake served as both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night, marking the 27th time in the show’s 38 seasons that an individual was asked by Lorne Michaels to pull double duty; if you’re keeping score at home, Lady Gaga also did double duty back in November. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Drake act, but any traces of rustiness were not apparent when he stepped on stage in Studio 8H last night. More on his work momentarily, but first, we’re curious: What other musicians did the best job of being hilarious during sketches AND singing their faces off?

Before we get into the specifics, it’s important to know who we’re talking about here. Here’s a complete list of musicians who have pulled off the very difficult task of being both host and musical guest of the same episode of Saturday Night Live:

11/20/76 – Paul Simon
11/12/77 – Ray Charles
5/22/82 – Olivia Newton-John
5/7/83 – Stevie Wonder
2/21/87 – Willie Nelson
4/15/89 – Dolly Parton
1/19/91 – Sting
12/7/91 – Hammer
2/28/98 – Garth Brooks
5/13/00 – Britney Spears
2/10/01 – Jennifer Lopez
2/2/02 – Britney Spears
10/11/03 – Justin Timberlake
4/10/04 – Janet Jackson
10/9/04 – Queen Latifah
11/18/06 – Ludacris
12/16/06 – Justin Timberlake
11/7/09 – Taylor Swift
2/27/10 – Jennifer Lopez
4/2/11 – Elton John
5/19/12 – Mick Jagger
10/20/12 – Bruno Mars
2/9/13 – Justin Bieber
3/9/13 – Justin Timberlake
10/5/13 – Miley Cyrus
11/16/13 – Lady Gaga
1/18/14 – Drake

So, what were some of the most memorable sketches from these 25 years? Let’s review!

5. PAUL SIMON IS A TURKEY (Season 2 – 11/20/1976)
Paul Simon has been one of the most frequent guests on SNL over the years, making 18 total appearances on the show. He’s been a part of many memorable events in the show’s history—his stirring rendition of “The Boxer” in the episode that followed 9/11 still brings tears to our eyes—but his most iconic to this day still has to be the time he showed up wearing a turkey suit to do the monologue and sing “Crazy All These Years.” (We wish we could show you a clip, but SNL is notoriously protective of their material. You can see it on Netflix, though!)

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