Jennifer Hudson Puts Her Boss Persona On Display In “I Can’t Describe”

Jennifer Hudson continues to be a leader of the pack amongst her peers on the music scene, but with her latest video, we see clearly that she’s feeling great doing it! In her new video for “I Can’t Describe,” Hudson flaunts her “stuff” boldly and proudly for the world to see.

Hudson’s taking her image to a whole ’nother level with this latest video, and it’s all the way sultry and sexy. To bring the Pharrell-produced single—a tasty throwback to the days of disco—to life, Hudson is seen in a sleek, for your eyes only world that features her front-and-center. As the video plays you are given lots to take in: the beautiful (and shirtless) male backup dancers with dreamlike physiques tease and taunt on cue; the long-legged female backup dancers who flank Hudson in several takes to accentuate her “I’m a boss” persona; and Hudson exhibiting her fab physique in a red-hot bustier!

This is a carefree and confident Hudson, giving great face and great body like a real diva, possibly even shocking the heck out of her fans by showcasing her bare midriff in the video. Hudson looks like she could make a good living on the catwalk in this video, but thankfully she’s sticking to the vocation that made America, and the world, fall in love with her in first place: Singing. Speaking of singing, there’s no question that Hudson can do it, and do it well. Although some may be disappointed by the lack of vocal acrobatics displayed in this single, props are in order to Hudson for delivering a dance-worthy song and eye-pleasing video that showcases a Hudson we’ve not quite seen before, but who we knew (and hoped) would ultimately come forth. With this video, Hudson’s stating loud and clear that it’s her world, and she’s feeling fine and fabulous in it!

Shout out to our VH1 fam T.I., who’s been on quite a roll himself with his top-rated show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle and his Grammy-nominated song with Robin Thicke, “Blurred Lines.” Looking dapper as he wants to be in his tuxedo, T.I. is the perfect complement to Hudson’s divaliciousness. I wish the video gave us a moment of Hudson and T.I. together shaking their tailfeathers like they did for the opening performance of the 2013 Soul Train Awards, but maybe that was the point — to feature Hudson solo in all her fine and fit glory. You go, Miss Jennifer.

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