First Dibs: Who’s Topped The Crop Of Music’s Most Powerful People?

Justin Bieber’s mugshot is used in psychological warfare, Nicki Minaj hits back at a magazine’s photo retouching job, and Kendrick Lamar faces off with Macklemore at the Grammys.

  • Billboard has named Jay Z and Beyonce as the most powerful people in the music industry. No surprise there, since they’ve been dominating the playlists on our phones for years! [BBC]
  • A hockey game may seem like the last place anyone would be talking about Justin Bieber’s arrest, but the singer’s mugshot was featured on the Jumbotron during a game between the Dallas Stars and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Apparently, the Dallas arena figured they could psych out the opposing team by showing Canada’s native son at his lowest point. [E!]
  • Nicki Minaj has called out ESPN magazine for modifying a photo of her for the publication’s cover. Come on, Nicki’s pretty much perfect — no Photoshop needed! [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • With the Grammys fast approaching, we’re wondering which hip-hop artist will reign supreme — Kendrick Lamar or Macklemore. [MTV News]