Grammys 2014: Robin Thicke Bows Down To Chicago’s Greatness

One of the biggest questions before tonight’s Grammy Awards: Will Chicago front man Robert Lamm twerk all up on Robin Thicke? Miley Cyrus did it (memorably) at the MTV Video Music Awards, so it’s only fair to ask.

The Grammys have a history of pairing unexpected acts together for performances we’ll only see on music’s biggest night. (Remember Sir Paul McCartney, Linkin Park and Jay Z in 2006? Um, we hope not!) And while we may have had to quell our twerk-pectations this time around, the live combination of horn-heavy Chicago and the throwback-loving #THICKE is one worthy of repeated listens. Tonight, it wasn’t about Thicke’s controversial videos, penchant for playing with baby goats or Hamburgler suits. Performing “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” “Beginnings” and “Saturday In The Park” alongside the men who created them, Thicke proved he’s got the vocal chops to fit any musical scenario, regardless of decade or genre. Seeing him smiling while crooning, in a sleek bow tie to match, also made us think about his potential as a very successful wedding singer. (Whenever you’re ready to take the plunge, RT!) Above all else, bringing these two together only reminded us of how boss Chicago is and always will be. Forget the upcoming Beatles tribute! This ruled.

But you didn’t think we could make it to the end of the set without hearing “Hey, hey, hey,” did you? “Blurred Lines,” what was arguably the biggest song of 2013, deserved celebration at the annual pop party, and Thicke led the his new friends, walking into the crowd to seek the approval of all of his fans and peers who hummed along all summer long. It was great and twerk-free, but we still missed T.I.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]