Pharrell’s Hat, Taylor’s Headbanging And The Other Grammy Moments Everyone’s Talking About

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We’ve already hashed out who was the worst-dressed and who had the hottest arm candy on the 2014 Grammy Awards red carpet last night, but what were the biggest moments of the night? From Taylor Swift’s head-banging performance (and her surprise at not winning an award) to Pharrell’s comically large hat, here are the 10 moments everyone is talking about this morning–and will continue to talk about in years to come.

Taylor Swift is always good for providing amazing awards show moments, and she didn’t let us down last night. She gave a passionate, headbanging performance of “All Too Well,” and then danced like a nerd during everyone else’s sets. Later, though, Swift provided one of the most gif-worthy moments of the night when her face lit up in gleeful surprise when she thought that she had won Album of the Year, and then her face slid into disappointed surprise when she realized Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories edged her out.

However, we’re not the only ones talking about the Grammys on social media. Macklemore went to twitter to apologize for robbing Kendrick Lamar of the Best Rap Album Grammy, and Trent Reznor tweeted his, uh, lack of respect for the awards show.

Between the silly dance moves of the stars, social media commentary and amazing performances, it looks like we’re going to be talking about the 2014 Grammy Awards for years to come.

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